“To preserve and grow our clients’ capital.”

Our Mission Statement

Boston Harbor Investment Management’s mission is to preserve and grow our client’s capital. Our goal is to provide our clients with a high degree of investment liquidity, at the same time generating long-term absolute returns significantly above the S&P 500 Total Return Index, with lower volatility-risk.

To accomplish our mission, Boston Harbor uses a fundamental, systematic, rules-based method to select a low-turnover stock portfolio of well-managed, healthy, large market capitalization companies with a high probability of sustainable earnings from a universe of U.S. Large-Cap stocks. Boston Harbor’s rules-based method is proprietary, stable, and repeatable.

The method applies Boston Harbor’s thoroughly-tested mathematical analysis of published financial statements and other factors to identify well-managed, large-cap, investment targets with healthy and sustainable financial results. Boston Harbor seeks to preserve and grow our client’s capital by investing in those companies.